Kim Hak-min

My father, who had been mining coal all his life as a miner, did not receive a single penny of his salary when the hard march (a food shortage that caused North Korea to experience rapid economic hardship due to international isolation and natural disasters) began.

so my father used to get food from time to time while repairing electronics, which he had been doing as a hobby.

I learned over my shoulder that my father did “repairs”, and by the time I was 13, I could manage to repair watches, and rumors spread not only in the town but also in other areas. I have been constantly repairing electronic products, and especially since I repaired a lot of CD players, I was naturally exposed to Korean dramas and culture, and decided to defect to  South Korea.

My defection from North Korea, which was full of good motives, was faced with a reality that was not as green as I had expected. I had a lot of trouble getting a job because I didn't have a degree like Korean college students. And I was not able to do physical labor because I wasn't physically healthy. After a year of disappointment, I finally entered Seogang University.

One day, while I was repairing my broken cell phone at the university, a colleague who was watching me suggested that I should try repairing the cell phone for Sogang University students and he even promoted directly to the university community

I didn't even have time to study while repairing the electronics of so many college students. I had many difficulties in studying and repairing electronics at the same time, I decided to choose one so I established "Seogang Jobs" in the direction of expanding my business.

Today, electronics are not just electronics, but they are significant in our lives and sometimes they heal people’s minds and become friends. Therefore, Sogang Jobs set up a slogan, we not only repair electronics but we also treat people's minds.

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