Lee Mi-hyang

I was known to my peers as the king of the hill. I always played with dirt, and the fields and mountains were playgrounds for me. My hometown had a lot of trees and grass, so the natural environment was good, and I have many good memories of playing with my friends when I was young. My family was financially stable, so I didn't do a lot of hard work.

My mother, who was a full-time homemaker, is a very strong person, while my father is a hard worker who does not take breaks even here in South Korea. His hard work was not an exception in North Korea, but my family started facing financial difficulties. My father then thought that all of his family members could die at this rate, and as a result, he decided to defect with all of his family members.

My father worked full time and did fishing as a side job, but strangely, our family's circumstances began to deteriorate. No matter how hard we tried, my father who faced a difficult family situation, thought that his whole family could die like this, so we decided to escape from North Korea.

The first time I encountered Korea, it was like a new world. There was so much to eat, and it seemed strange to see the street lit up brightly at night. In fact, it is now interesting looking back the way I lived in North Korea the same I did about South Korea. 

I am currently studying at Ewha Womans University, and after graduating, I plan to expand my business. I live with the motto of not being bound by a frame, and I think that I do not have to go down the same path as others, so I will continue to live my way in the future.

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