Lee So-won

It's a very old memory, but I have a happy one with my dad, mom, and younger sister. Thanks to my father, who was a police officer at the time, we were rich enough to have everything we wanted, but soon, my family started struggling because of the continued requests for help from my relatives. When he heard somewhere he could make a lot of money by getting on a boat, my father asked my mother if she could lend him money to buy a boat. My mom went around the town and started borrowing money to fulfil my dad's dream.

Then one day, my mother did not come back home. We thought she would return home in a day or two, but that became a month and then a whole year. I was nine years old at the time, but I had to welcome my stepmother without any time to accept my mom’s absence. Because she was missing, my father was also advised to resign from the police. My father, who lost his job and his wife, soon remarried because he had to feed me and my younger brother. Not so long after his re-marriage, he was able to ride the boat he had wanted for a long time, but a big wave swallowed the boat my dad was in. He never returned home.

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