ISTORY is a personal fashion brand with the identity of “the most personal thing is the most beautiful” that designs the stories of North Korean defectors into fashion.

Currently, there are more than 33,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea. They work hard to adapt to the new society's culture, lifestyle, politics and modern lifestyle.

However, due to the negative stereotype that North Koreans are often portrayed as cold-blooded communists or an image not separated from the North Korean regime so many defectors are reluctant to reveal their identity and have a lot of trouble adapting to South Korean society.

In this regard, ISTORY shares the stories of North Korean defectors, from ordinary stories that are no different from others, to events that are a bit eventful, but difficult to bring out, with many people through an easy-to-access medium called fashion. By doing so, we will show that North Korean defectors are no different from us.

Our mission is to support “resolving social awareness and guaranteeing equal opportunity” that North Korean defectors are experiencing, and above all, take the lead in fostering a social perspective and culture that sees an individual's background as it is.

Mission Statement
(Reducing prejudice against North Korean defectors)

Our mission is to reduce prejudice against North Korean defectors

ISTORY will continue to share the stories of all 33,000 North Korean defectors

ISTORY aims to improve social awareness of North Korean defectors by sharing the message that “they are no different from us” through medium called 'fashion'

(Supporting economic independence of North Korean defectors)

Resolving social prejudice against North Korean defectors build social trust in them, which in turn creates opportunities for North Korean defectors to get employment or start their own business.

In addition, ISTORY aims to help North Korean defectors become economically independent by donating 10% of the proceeds to North Korean defectors and North Korean defector entrepreneurs.

CEO Kang Ji Hyun

The Most Personal Thing Is

the Most Beautiful